SOLER biochar for all! SOLER Group and Carbonfuture confirmed an agreement to deliver carbon removal credits.

Since 2021, SOLER Group and Carbonfuture have been working together to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere through biochar carbon removal (BCR). This partnership continues with the signing of an agreement for the sale of 1,500 tCO2e of carbon removal credits. Over the past three years, more than 4,000 tCO2e of carbon credits have been already delivered tothe Carbonfuture Marketplace from SOLER biochar. These carbon removal credits facilitate the democratisation of the SOLER biochar use in various applications, including agriculture, viticulture, and building materials.

SOLER Carbon Removal Credits carbonfuture
SOLER produces a certified, verified, and REDII compliant biochar

The SOLER Group is a leader in renewable carbon production, offering a unique, cutting-edge technological solution to contribute to achieving global net zero. Using its own patented technology, the Group’s biorefineries transform wood residues – from sustainably managed forests located close to its production sites – into charcoal, biocarbon, biochar, and green energy. SOLER provides sustainable carbon solutions to the agricultural, horticultural and industrial sectors. Founded in 1993 in France, the Group now operates three production units of renewable carbon, while generating renewable electricity. SOLER biochar is certified according to PEFC, “Bois de France” and Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) standards for biomass sustainability. Furthermore, the biomass supply chains are regularly verified by the NGO Earthworm Foundation. And finally, SOLER is compliant with the EU REDII thanks to the SBP certification. SOLER builds a bridge between sustainably managed forests and a low-carbon economy thanks to its sustainable solutions.

Sustainable biomass sourcing at the heart of SOLER’s activities

At SOLER, environmental responsibility is a non-negotiable value that characterises the Group’s approach to biomass sourcing. Through its various solutions and applications, SOLER Group reconciles the challenges of reducing GHG emissions in industry by offering an innovative solution for sustainable carbon management, while protecting and enhancing forest resources. By promoting a smart forest management strategy, SOLER supports the implementation of sustainable practices in forest ecosystems, improves the climatic benefits of forests and thus optimises the carbon balance of the entire supply chain.

SOLER Group chooses a trustworthy partner: Carbonfuture

Carbonfuture was founded in 2020 with the ambition to speed up the transition to a net-zero future by scaling carbon removal. From its launch, Carbonfuture has taken a trust-first approach, key to developing the potential of the carbon removal market in tackling the climate crisis.

By working with Carbonfuture, SOLER has chosen a reliable and rigorous system for selling carbon removal credits on the market, in line with its values and requirements. The SOLER Group sources sustainably managed biomass close to its sites, then uses its own cutting-edge technology to produce high-quality biochar and provide it to the agricultural and construction sectors. All data relating to carbon sequestration of SOLER biochar applications are transmitted by the Group to the Carbonfuture MRV+ system. From sourcing, to production, and distribution, the SOLER carbon removal certificate is traced, tracked, and verified. Carbonfuture’s Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) system meticulously tracks this data from initial carbon capture to final storage and provides it for review by independent third-party verifiers, followed by third-party certification. This rigorous process ensures transparency and trustworthiness of carbon removal efforts, signaling that the carbon credits are of high quality and have a real, positive impact on the climate.

SOLER biochar for all

SOLER biochar is a carbon-rich material that improves soil quality, enhances the performance of building materials and stores CO2. Using internally developed pyrolysis technology with biomass from sustainable forest resources, SOLER produces high-quality biochar.  Consequently, since 2020 SOLER has been certified according to the European Biochar Certificate (EBC).

In its 2022 report, the IPCC identified biochar as a sustainable carbon storage solution. SOLER biochar is an excellent creator of carbon sinks, the equivalent of 2.9 tonnes of CO2 is captured for each tonne stored. This carbon storage value is then converted into carbon removal credits, which are delivered to CDR buyers on the Carbonfuture Marketplace. This mechanism reduces the cost of the biochar for the end user (agricultural and construction sectors). In this way, SOLER biochar is accessible for all.

SOLER Biochar
SOLER x Carbonfuture: we are stronger when we work together.

By offering a total of 1,500 tCO2e of carbon removal credits on the Carbonfuture Marketplace in 2024, the SOLER Group is making its biochar more accessible for all. This partnership will enable its biochar to be used more widely in a variety of applications. In total, more than 5,600 tCO2e of carbon removal credits will have been delivered thanks the collaboration between SOLER and Carbonfuture.

A sustainable alternative to non-renewable raw materials, creating permanent carbon sinks… The use of SOLER biochar is therefore one of the crucial solutions for achieving climate neutrality.


Press contact: Anne-Mette SOLER-MY | Head of Marketing and Communication |