Solutions for Climate Neutral Industries

Despite the ongoing efforts to decarbonize industrial activity, greenhouse gas emissions are increasing across all major sectors worldwide. While some sectors can reduce their CO2 footprint thanks the headway made in energy transition, there are still many technologically complex processes which remain difficult to decarbonize. Steel or cement production, for example, rely heavily on carbon for energy purposes and have to cope with the residual emissions resulting from chemical reactions taking place during production.

SOLER Group’s approach focuses on sustainable forests management and the production of biocarbon from biomass residues. This biocarbon is a precious resource, and we deliver it to carefully chosen, strategic industry applications, where no other alternatives exist. Acting as reducing agents, carbon sinks and carbon-negative building materials, the biocarbon products that we deliver have a positive impact on our planet’s climate and create an effective synergy between industry and nature.



The complex operations carried out daily in metallurgical plants around the world require extensive amounts of energy and carbon. Learn how we work towards building more climate-neutral metallurgical processes:


Building materials

With all its versatile applications in the building and construction industry, concrete is a material that shapes our modern societies. Learn how we help the cement industry to deliver carbon negative construction materials:

agriculture sector


A vital sector of our modern world, agriculture plays a crucial role in the food supply chains. Our subsidiary, Carbon Centric, develops solutions for agricultural applications. Visit the website: