Deep-rooted values and commitments

The SOLER Group believes that growth and development can only be achieved in a sustainable manner and in full accordance with shared values. We are determined to serve people, the society in which they live, and the nature that surrounds them and provides for them.

In our family business, everyone contributes their talent, skills and motivation. Loyalty, transparency, team spirit, safety and well-being in the workplace drive our actions as much as they underpin our success.

Our mission is based on five great pillars: environmental protection, ecoresponsible growth, respect for people, cutting-edge innovation, and local production. These are commitments we take to heart and are proud to honour.


Forests play a major role in reducing greenhouse gases. Pure natural wonders, trees absorb and store carbon from carbon dioxide (CO2). They are also a valuable renewable material which should primarily be used, we believe, in the construction industry. By using only the residues of wood and by offering 100% organic products, our company actively contributes to the preservation of our forests.

Sustainable forests

Green growth

As evidenced by our full support for the laws and regulations on energy transition, we are committed to an economic development model that protects our natural resources. By dear favouring short supply chains and by turning our various co-products into high added value commodities (electricity, heat, biomolecules), we are proud to be part of an ecoresponsible circular economy.

Our values - Growth


Since its inception, our family business has placed people at the heart of its concerns. Trust, respect, initiative, freedom of speech and open dialogue: these are values and qualities which we have always upheld and nurtured within our Group. Employing local residents in rural areas, we have consistently prized professionalism and well-being in the workplace.


Research and development are an integral part of our DNA. As specialists in new material transformation technologies, we are always pushing back the limits of our know-how in order to create high-performance and ecoresponsible products. With the preservation of the environment as their main objective, our R&D teams relentlessly work to improve our production tools and develop new processes. The SOLER Group spares no effort to remain at the forefront of innovation.

Our values - Innovation

Local production

By giving preference to short supply chains and to wood species sourced from sustainably managed forests around our production sites – such as oak, beech, ash, hornbeam and maritime pine –, we contribute to the local economy and fight against the import of products often manufactured in defiance of the rules of fair competition. We do care about our collective future.