What is biochar?

Biochar is a geochemically stable renewable carbon, often of small particle size, which can be used to generate permanent carbon sinks. The IPCC identified biochar in its Mitigation of Climate Change 2022 report as a sustainable carbon storage solution. The capacity of biochar to store biogenic carbon permanently has been demonstrated by the scientific community.

SOLER biochar is a permanent carbon sink with numerous agronomic co-benefits.

SOLER Biochar

A sustainable alternative to non-renewable raw materials

SOLER biochar is a carbon-rich material that improves soil quality, enhances the performance of building materials and stores CO2. Produced from the pyrolysis technology developed by the Group, SOLER biochar is produced from locally and sustainably managed forest resources. High-quality and responsibly manufactured, SOLER biochar has been certified by the European Biochar Certificate (EBC).

Creating eternal carbon sinks

Biochar can combine agronomic properties with carbon storage! SOLER biochar is an excellent carbon sink. For every tonne of biochar used, the equivalent of 2.9 tonnes of CO2 is captured. It equals nearly 12 transatlantic flights (NYC-Paris). This carbon storage value can then be converted into CO2 retention certificates, sold and returned to biochar users. The SOLER Group has set up a team of carbon retention certificate experts called Carbon Centric.

Permanent carbon sinks = ~ 2,9 kgCO2eq/kgbiochar

A carbon-rich material for soil improvement and CO2 storage

Agricultural soil improver

  • Improved soil structure and quality: better water and nutrient retention
  • Increased yields
  • Reduced use of nitrogen fertiliser
SOLER Horticulture

Horticultural fertiliser

  • Replaces turf in soil/compost
  • Hydraulic properties of the soil improved
  • Root development
SOLER Building Materials

Integration into inert materials (concrete/cement)

  • Partial replacement of clinker
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Better sound and heat insulation
Emil Soler-My

We are a leader in France and Europe in low-environmental impact pyrolysis. Our production process of high-carbon concentration biochar, located in France et based on the use of local timber, is among the most efficient in terms of resource use and recovery of the energy emitted during pyrolysis. Our biochar has such a high carbon concentration that it can significantly or even totally reduce your carbon footprint.

Emil Soler-My, Carbon Market and International Development

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