The SOLER Group has solutions to meet the European Commission’s 2040 climate target.

On the 8th of February 2024

90% of net greenhouse gas emissions: the European Commission’s 2040 target. 

The European Commission has presented this recommendation to pave the way for the continent’s climate neutrality by 2050. The European Union institution thus advocates a net reduction in GHG emissions of 90% by 2040 compared with 1990 levels. A great step towards a carbon-neutral European Union!

The SOLER Group, producer of renewable carbon, has solutions to meet these climate objectives:

  • By using SOLER biocarbon in its processes, the metallurgical industry is reducing its GHG emissions and making great strides towards climate neutrality.
  • SOLER Biochar, incorporated into building materials and soils, creates a permanent carbon sink and offers numerous co-benefits.

To achieve the Commission’s objectives, it is necessary to take into account all available sustainable solutions… Such as biochar carbon removal technologies or linking to the Carbon Removal Certification framework.

To find out more about the European Commission’s recommendations, click here.


Press contact: Anne-Mette SOLER-MY | Head of Marketing and Communication |