The SOLER Group sets up a subsidiary in the Vosges to produce biocarbon on an industrial scale

Journal des Entreprises (FR) | On the 3rd of June 2023

“Expert in the renewable carbon production, the SOLER Group is launching an biocarbon operation on an industrial-scale. From Chavelot in the Vosges, its start-up My Vosges is set to produce 20,000 tonnes of biocarbon a year on a site covering almost 20 hectares. A fund-raising round is in the pipeline.”

Speaking to Anabelle Filoche, Philippe Soler-My (co-founder and CFO) explains the SOLER Group’s plan to set up the first large-scale biocarbon plant for the metallurgical industry. The SOLER Group is part the ‘First Factory’ call for projects under the France 2030 plan for the development of this new production site.

Find out more this project in the Journal des Entreprises newspaper (FR) here.

Thank you Anabelle Filoche and Journal des Entreprises for this article.


Press contact: Anne-Mette SOLER-MY | Head of Marketing and Communication |

You can read more information about France 2030 and SOLER here: The SOLER Group is part of the France 2030 program