SOLER biochar, one of the solutions to climate change

In Silence Ça Pousse show on France Télévision  | On the 06th of April 2024

SOLER Biochar Lacanau

Today, the concrete industry accounts for 7% of global CO2 emissions. By incorporating SOLER biochar into Vicat Group cement, the carbon footprint of concrete is reduced by almost 90% per m3… Creating a permanent carbon sink!

Thanks to its unique properties and responsible manufacturing process, SOLER biochar is one of the solutions that will help to decarbonise tomorrow’s construction.

To find out more about the decarbonisation of the construction sector thanks to biochar, listen to Antoine Martin, international business developer, on the Silence Ça Pousse show.

To find out more about our biochar, watch the Silence Ça Pousse show on France Télévision (France 5) here (in French – From 24min30).

Thanks to the France Télévision teams for this comprehensive report.

Press contact: Anne-Mette SOLER-MY, Head of Marketing and Communication,