Pierre Soler-My was in Brazil with the French President Emmanuel Macron

On the 11th of April 2024

  • SOLER Pierre Soler-My & Emmanuel Macron - 04 2024

In the context of the programme to protect tropical forests and develop their biodiversity initiated by Emmanuel Macron in 2023, Brazil is a key
player in global decarbonisation. During his State visit to the Federative Republic of Brazil, the President of the Republic, accompanied by SMEs, ETIs and major French companies, offered solutions that incorporate cutting-edge technologies and fair business relationships, while considering the new challenges that are crucial for future generations.

Pierre Soler-My, co-founder and CEO of SOLER Group, was honoured to be selected as part of the French business delegation with the official visit from the 26th to the 28th of March 2024. Producer of renewable carbon and green energy from sustainably managed wood, the SOLER Group offers sustainable solutions for decarbonising industry, while protecting and enhancing forest resources.

Following this forward-looking visit, Pierre Soler-My said: “By implementing climate-neutral production models, we will be building the pillars of a green industry for resilient forests!

Press contact: Anne-Mette SOLER-MY, Head of Marketing and Communication, annemette.solermy@soler-group.com